Memories Are Treasure House of Brain

In continuation of our last article, we have seen memory as the store house of information for good and bad events in life. Irrespective of having a choice to choose our happiness, we prefer to remember painful memories and unpleasant moments.
Heard people saying, can’t get out of my past. I have tried my level best to stay away from people who created repulsive moments in life. Unfortunately, the scene gets repeated in mind. Eventually, started finding happiness in seeking bitterness.
Learning to let go of the past and painful memories brings you real time happiness in life.
The researcher says, our brain has the ability to change form and function based on repeated behaviors, thoughts and emotions. The more you dwell on the past, the more you reinforce them. So, you become depressed and hopeless about everything.
Each and every moment in life has something to say us, especially the painful stories. As the time has passed, rewind the so called bad moments in life. Now, see them in a different perspective. You would see a different picture. It would have taught us more meaningful lessons in life. Life seems to be beautiful at this moment with the kind of experience you had it in the past. So, you have a choice to reverse it.
The act of remembering changes a memory. You can consciously influence your brain to see goodness in life. Shift your thoughts to moments. Thoughts are very powerful in reframing the brain fucntions. Use only positive words, learn from each experience, open for change, and prepare for failure.
Remember, memories are treasure house of your brain. Learning to change your impact stories from negative to positive heals all your wounds and scars. You get a pleasure of living a life of your choice. Make a wise call to become the creator of your memory.
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