Need For Neet — Nurturing And Engaging Extraordinary Talent

The word ‘NEET’ has become a nightmare for students, teachers and parents. Most of the students aspire to become a doctor. They measure their success through academic score, getting a medical seat and becoming a DOCTOR.
It’s a vocation like any other profession. The weightage given for this profession is much higher and created a façade in people’s mind. There are so many valuable professions and courses are available in the market but hardly known to people and its importance and significance in the job market.
What it takes to become a Dr? Being competitive, hard work, sleepless night, anxiety about performance and marks, fear about future and loosing self. Is it so worth to loose oneself in getting a degree? 2 letters (Dr) is easy. The challenge lies in becoming a doctor. It requires innate passion for life, dedication in service and managing emotions.
On hearing the sad news about students feeling depressed, anxious and committing suicide after NEET results, it really makes one feel bad about our education system, parental upbringing and society. Makes to question each and everything we offer for our children. Right from child birth.
Are we producing robots in the name of children either to perform or destroy? Even malfunction is allowed. It does some activities which produce results, keeps occupied self and compliment other operations too. Such is the liberty need to be given and taught to our children.
It’s high time we teach our children 3 major values – Life, Human and Moral. Life value is the core value one should learn right from childhood and holds on till the last breathe.
Few of them are appreciation for small things, belief in self and others, love, care, affection, joyfullness and taking responsibilities. Humans are the best creature in this world. Human values are the life line for our living. Few such values are trust, honesty, hope, respect and empathy.
Moral value is like oxygen which keeps us moving in this world. They are respect, integrity and gratitude. Many other values do play an essential role in life, these values keep us moving ahead in life.
Let us teach our children the value of life. Let’s learn to engage our children in preparing them to face life not for academic scores.
The word “NEET” can be called as “Nurture and Engage Extraordinary Talent” of your children. The precious score of any child is 100% smile on face and happiness towards life.
Chellam Narendiran
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