Sky Is The Limit For Diff-Abled In Displaying Skills

The International Day of People with Disability is been observed on December 3 by United Nations. It aims to increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities and celebrate their achievements and contributions. When the world is supporting and commemorating the people with disabilities for their uniqueness and acceptance of life with grace and dignity. How about the acceptance of a disabled person within the family and society?
We humans considered people are able with certain physical nomenclatures. These classifications are dynamic and change with the history and evolution of mankind. In those days, our ancestors were born with a tail and now we see this as history. The science says for our kind of lifestyle the tail doesn’t have any purpose and considered it as a vestigial organ.
Human vestigiality refers to parts of the body that seem to no longer serve a purpose.
When some of the body parts are not used or needed anymore it will gradually be lost its original function and diminished forever. Few such are wisdom teeth, body hair and appendix.
The recent research says, probably the future generation will be born with horns due to high emission of radiation or change in the life cycle. The study is still on and likely to be experienced by the generations of 2050. They see our lifestyle and physical nomenclature as history.
It gets repeated for the generation to generation in various forms.
What as see as a physical disability is just the limitations of physical movement. It could be mild to severe, partial loss to complete loss and temporary to permanent.
Probably, those body parts are vestigial for them. They can perform things differently. The so-called normal physical body persons can’t accept their way of doing things because of their inhibitions and inability to accept them with modesty.
Limitations don’t limit one’s ability to perform and achieve things in life. The real confinement is in the acceptance of people with their shortcomings and abilities. When we acknowledge disabled people for what they are and recognize them for their achievements is the ultimate service for humanity.
The so-called abled persons will become the real able person only when he contributes something for the upliftment of the so-called disabled persons.
Life revolves around the corner. Whatever, the loss or physical deformities they are humans with body and soul. When we recognize the International Day of People with Disability; let us also take it into our mind that we welcome disabled people with a big smile and warm hug to include them as part of our life.
Show this gratitude to the disabled person around you and embrace your life with peace and happiness.
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