Change In Mindset Alone Can End Modern Slavery

The power of chair and positions are ruling the world. Most of the people are fascinated and carried out by the privilege given for the position and the chair. People in the positions feel they are the creator and destroyers of rules and regulations. They can treat and dictate anyone according to their favoritism, use unparliamentary words for speaking and treat them like a slave. They presume once they are in the power state the whole world is under their feet and their ego gets satisfied only by putting others down. Ideally, the reality of power statement is subjective and derived based on the circumstances and not by the positions.
Ironically, powerful people are in positions or people are powerful with the positions they hold on or people feel powerful because they are associated with power. Whatever the fact is, the power game is on right from entry to exit. With the privilege of power, they treat other people as a slave. In the current situations, one in two hundred people are been treated as a slave. Today’s slavery is more about being controlled and exploited by someone than owned by other people. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), more than 40.3 million people are victims of modern slavery. Among 10 million children, 24.9 million people in forced labor, 15.4 million people in forced marriage and 4.8 million people in forced sexual exploitation.
December 2, has been observed as The International Day for the Abolition of Slavery by UN with the prime focus on the abolition of slavery in any forms especially protecting children, sexual exploitation and forced labor. Modern slavery is different from history. In those days, people been treated badly and the act is seen visibly and physical exploitation was high in the form of the workforce and sexual favors. People were able to feel and express their pain verbally and physically.
In recent days, Slavery is the state of mind. The power thoughts influence the action of others. The word slave has been used differently by people. The corporate calls it as policies and procedures, manufacturers as productivity focus, service sector as customer’s desire and entrepreneurs as the investment and extended working hours as business survival. When comes to family they call it family culture, marriage as family situations or needs, child labor as family support and sexual exploitation as individual whims and fancies or situations call. Such sort of slavery is hard to be seen or addressed by any organization.
Modern slavery projects the power play as individuals need rather than forcing one. The supreme dominance of power, social-economic status and individual authority on others make them feel inferior and surrender themselves to the situations. Though the ownership lies in understanding the need of an individual than succumb to the positions. These days’ people mentally surrender themselves in the hands of power for their wants and desires. Needs are measured with necessities. Nevertheless, people slog for bread and butter and sweat like anything for making materialistic things. Irrespective of earning more and more the slavery mind is not at peace. Its greediness allows someone to take control of it completely and leads to the corner of life.
Abolition of slavery should be in the minds of people to treat each one another with respect, giving freedom for their thoughts and actions, allowing children to enjoy its birth rate, giving women her rights of living, sexual exploitation and favors should be banned by respecting human values than seeing them as glamour gender. The accountability lies in the hands of an individual to see what is good for themselves and others. Adjusting and accepting is a welcoming sign in any place. Kneeling for something has to be taken seriously before doing it. Just a thin line difference between being treated as a slave and allowing someone to treat a slave. A small change of action will bring a drastic change in accepting each other with due respect and admiration. Abolish slave in the mind to abolish slavery in the physical state.
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