Where There Is Tea, There Is Hope

A cup of tea always turns out to be a conversation-starter and an ice-breaker. Keeping this in mind, Abraham with three decades experience working in tea plantations post retirement ventured into a tea café aptly named-Springdale Tea Boutique.
Located at Thondamuthur Road, Vadavalli, the boutique’s soothing ambience and the aromas of gourmet teas wafting in the air, will instantly get anyone in the mood for a cup!
Launched a couple years ago, Springdale boutique offers genuine and pure quality Assam tea directly from the selected estates in Assam. Being a tea planter and a tea lover himself, Abraham started his career in Assam plantations after completing his degree in Agriculture from Pune. Coming from a family involved in the tea business from a long time, he believes in providing superior quality all leaf teas rather than ordinary dust teas to customers. “Dust teas are popular in the South because they are strong and cheaper. But as a tea enthusiast, I do not prefer dust tea because of its inferior quality and also because it does not give refreshment in every sip. Whereas, a great tea is definitely an all leaf tea because it will have a strong, recognizable and distinct aroma. For home consumption, tea should be light and flavorful. And a whole leaf tea or a fanning tea brings out both taste and color! If you want to taste a tea worth the value and goodness, then you must opt for high grade leaf teas” remarked Abraham.
Apart from their signature Assam tea, they also offer a variety of flavored tin teas such as – Signature Darjeeling, Bed of Roses, Mint Chocolate, Vanilla Chocolate, Kashmiri Kahwa, Green tea, Leaf black tea, Orthodox Leaf (spl) and Leaf Fannings tea. Most of these teas are provided in sachets too and are usually supposed to be taken without milk and sugar in order to retain their original essence.
Apart from Springdale Boutique, Abraham also runs “Springdale Pleasant home stay” which provides accommodation up to 15 people with 24 hours check-in facility, complimentary tea/coffee and breakfast. The home has spacious and standard quality rooms for people who would love to dwell in the lawns of Vadavalli.
There is also an air-conditioned multi-purpose hall above the boutique named Springdale Crescent. Accommodating around 100 people, “Springdale Crescent” is well-suited for family gatherings and mini corporate meetings. “Due to the pandemic restrictions and safety, I plan to convert this space into a work-from-home atmosphere. Because currently, there are many people who are unable to work properly from their homes or those who are forced to return to the city for their job enquiries. Hence, this will be an excellent and safe place for working people and at the same time, they will feel home.” Exclaimed Abraham.
To avoid visiting the boutique because of lockdowns and quarantines, Springdale also facilitates home delivery of their favourite flavor by couriers across India.
“People who have tasted my tea always keep coming back for more and that makes me feel happy. My teas are affordable as well as exclusive!”, added Abraham. For more details call 94421 20124, 0422-4220691.
—Grishma Raj

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