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Nature has its own beauty of explaining relationships to people. Always, wondering about its way of living and accommodating each and everything in its own form and relishing its presence. Never making an attempt to change its form or criticizing others or complaining about each other’s strengths and weakness or blaming creepers and climbers for utilizing the resources and endless learning from nature till the last breathe.The nature provides the perfect ecosystem for all creatures in their world including humans.
We humans utilize nature’s resources without being indebted for their contribution to our existence. Moreover, we claim authority on other people’s resources and make them feel bad about themselves or their existence in the place. Such things frequently happen everywhere but the most affected environment is at home. The claiming rights on each other in the name of relationship titles such as father, mother, siblings, partners, in-laws, and so on. When claiming rights in other people’s life are we serving the purpose of our life or demanding other people’s resources or losing focus on self-growth. Need to give a deep thought on this.
Unfortunately, people misunderstood relationships for possessiveness, insecurity, obsessive nature, vested interest, dominancy, authority, emotional imbalances, behavioral issues, and lack of self-identity. They take charge of each other at every possible moment and lose their true self in watching other’s behavior. Some call this kind of action love, care, and affection. If the other person exhibits the same qualities it’s been labeled as suspicious, feministic or male chauvinist, and arrogant. How does the mind tweaks it?
In relationships, most of the time we try to figure out other people’s nature and behavior that affects our personality and peace. We failed to understand that our very own behavior impacts the relationship with self and others. The common issues at home are parent – child, husband – wife, in-laws and relations. Except for the husband –wife the other relationship issues are sorted out at some point of time or we accept them on situational or conditional basis.
The husband and wife or fiancée or girl or boy friend’s relationships are always thorns and roses. We see the roses in the initial phase of a relationship and eventually could see only thorns in the complete life. Though we get to see buds and flowers now and then but that is not counted in the process. Our system has taught us the value of relationship within the family members and value of marriage. Unfortunately, it missed teaching us the value of a person in the relationship, especially marriage and in-laws. Relationships are valued only when people in the relationship get their dues properly.
The person who shares life with you not for having bed time or to produce babies or to exploit resources. They want a person to hold their hand in crisis, need a shoulder to lean when in pain, share happiness, rely on each other in bad times, fight, forgive, & forget, support each other and build a happy time to create memories. In times of uncertainties, learn to let go of things, any one practice pause, listen to their words rationally, tap the unsaid and unexpressed emotions, and make time for each other to get settled with the unpleasant moments.
Never force someone to get alright immediately after fights or hard arguments. This will create more problems in the future. Respect each other’s processing time and be supportive. Remember, life is going to have ups and downs. The relationship will get better after every fight when trying to understand their words and emotions than picking up words and relating with people.
When we pay so much attention to command people in the name of relationship why not respect them in the name of dignity, trust, and confidence. Everybody wishes to have a healthy and happy relationship with people around us. It’s all about give and take policies. Eventually, we are going to be in the relationship so why not decide to make it a happy experience.
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