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Indriya Salon, the most reliable beauty service provider in the city has redefined beauty care in many ways. From providing a superior global standard service to hiring talented and experienced stylists, Indriya has created a wide range of services to relax and rejuvenate one’s body and soul. Here is Rashi Indra, the founder of Indriya Salon sharing with us her journey and passion for beauty industry.
How and Why Did You want to start a beauty brand?
Building Indriya salon was out of pure passion and love towards beauty industry. I always had my inclined interest towards beauty and spa because even my mother was a beautician and her work inspired and encouraged me to step into this business. Also, I have never looked at it, as just a money-making business because I feel everybody deserves to look good and it is a pleasure to make people feel happy about it especially if it is done in the right way and the right manner.
Do you think trust and transparency are important in a client and salon relationship?
Yes, definitely, I think trust plays a major role in any client and salon relationship. That is what we follow. And I believe in making long term relationships with my customers. I have learnt that from my mother. Having more than 35 years of experience in this industry, it is amazing to see her old clients returning to her because of the transparency of her service. And trust is an important factor to keep up with clients especially when the brand is earned by you and grown with your passion.
Why should people come to the parlour even if they are doing home-based treatments?
Lockdown has made people learn the hard way of trying out body and hair care on their own. While it is great to follow independent home care, I think many would have realized by now that nothing gives you a final professional touch better than a salon care. There is always a difference between home care and a professional care. And taking a salon treatment and then following home remedies/care is the right method. Just following home care does not give you long term benefits. Hence, that is why visiting a salon is a must after these months of lockdown.
Dry Skin treatments are amongst the most required treatments for many people. What do you think are the common facials or treatments for dry skin/scalp?
Winter is around. So, most of us would be facing dry skin and hair problems. It is important to work on your skin and hair and ensure that the PH level of your skin is maintained to avoid infections and allergies. Professional facials are a must every month during this season followed by suggested home care. Also, for dry scalp, hair spa is the ideal treatment. Especially during winters, many of them would avoid washing their hair every day and that is why spending a good time in the salon will rejuvenate yourself. Blow dry and other hair settings will look great in winters when compared to summers. Hence, you can visit our salon and we will make sure you get the right treatment for hair and skin.
How has beauty care evolved over the past decade?
Beauty care has evolved majorly over this decade. There is more technology and learning in the present beauty industry. Infact I see how different the working style has been between my mother and myself. I use more technicality in my treatments compared to my mother. But ultimately, we make sure we work for the same goal. One of the major changes that I felt is that, many amateur or upcoming beauticians are now desiring to take up certified beauty courses and then start their own parlour. Being a CIDESCO certified beauty expert myself, I am happy that this is the clear example of how the standards have gone high. People are not viewing beauty care as just any normal thing rather an industry that is unique and intellectual. And that is something which has changed for good over the last 10 years. Call us @ 73394 33033 for appointments.
—Grishma Raj

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