Three Day Banaras Expo @ Aavaranaa

Banaras fabric falls under the class of rich and decorative. The luxurious fabric is worn as celebration attire across the nation. The sari are adorned with intricate the opulent embroidery and fine quality silk; these sari are the ultimate embodiment of feminine beauty often part of an Indian brides. In the present day, Banarasi silk sarees are still considered to be one of finest traditional saree as it is actually well known for its designing and gold as well as silver brocade or the zari. The special characteristics of these saree are their designs. Depending on the intricacy of its design and patterns, a saree can take from 15 days to month and sometimes upto six month to complete the sari. Mostly they use paisley, floral, animal, motif which is the speciality of this banaras sari. For more details visit Banaras Expo 2020 at Aavaranaa, Race Course on 29, 30 & 31 october. Reach them at 7604984298, 0422-4394294.

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