Peelamedu Turned A Mill Destination Besides An Educational Hub

Chronicles of Peelamedu – Part II

Peelamedu became an exceptionally large ‘Mill Destination’. Thousands of people got employed and their children received quality education. This made Peelamedu world famous and the P. S. G. Institutions a common word globally.
The horse-shoe shaped development brought luck to Coimbatore. Avinashi road, Kamaraj road & Trichy road formed the horseshoe. Racecourse was on the southern side. This horseshoe had many industries, mills, and ventures. Of course, the neighboring Pappanaickenpalayam, Avarampalayam, etc., added to the prosperity. In fact, Pappanaickenpalayam had also come up around the same time as Peelamedu.
Several sons of Peelamedu went abroad to study & many of them came back to work in their family run industries. They were mill owners, industrialists, scientists, teachers, doctors & sportsmen who excelled in everything that was done by them.
The women of Peelamedu need to be accoladed. They stood by the family on side while also establishing their work efficiently. Many of them like Chinnammal Rangaswamy Naidu looks after their farms very well. Chandrakanthi Govindarajulu is well known for her work.
The first management Institute in this part of the country was established by P. S. G. Large number of technicians were made to stay within the village in order to expedite the installation of machineries at mills like Radhakrishna. The famous Pazhamudir Nilayam has a home in Peelamedu. The P. S. G. R. Krishnammal College for Women stands out as a unique model nationally.
Research, faming & academics collaborated in the case of the P. S. G. Farms. The Agricultural College, P. S. G. Farms & the P. S. G. Industrial Institute did a lot of good together. This model farm was much spoken about those days and many people emulated the good work. It was thanks to the interest shown by P. S. G. Rangaswamy Naidu. His son G. R. Damodaran can be called the father of technical education in this part of the country. In fact, a university can be named after him.
Many important personages had visited Peelamedu. Mahatma Gandhi ranked top amongst them. Rabindranath Tagore had sung the ‘National Anthem’ at Sarvajana School during his visit in 1929! Coimbatore Institute of Technology was perhaps amongst the earliest to harvest rainwater within the premises. The P. S. G. Industrial Institute created a huge number of entrepreneurs. The alumni of the P. S. G. Institutions have added to the wealth of the country.
P. S. G. Narayanaswamy Naidu was known to use just one well to cultivate hundred acres of farmlands. There was a time when people were reluctant to give their daughters to boys from Peelamedu. The reason was water shortage. Diwan Bahadur P. S. Rangaswamy Naidu engaged the services of the ‘Father of the Library movement, Ranganathan to build up his institutional library. Similarly, he sought the inputs from every single expert to build up the P. S. G. Industrial Institute and its associated organizations.
Even today, the Ranganathar arrival at the Ramanuja Desika Koodam at Sri Ranagam is organized by the P. S. G. Institutions. Numerous women from Peelamedu began building educational Institutions and enterprises. This page is too small in area to give a list. The Arthur Hope College came up due to G. D. Naidu and later the Coimbatore Medical College came up too. Of course, today we have many medical institutions and retail establishments. The Golden shopping line near Hope College is much sought after. It must be noted that support received from all quarters ensured that Peelamedu became progressive.
Peelamedu had its own share of visitors – from migratory birds to the leaders of modern Russia. Maharajas, Zamindars, Diplomats and Mahatma Gandhi stepped on its soil. In fact, the Peelamedu based school teacher, T. A. Baskar Iyer had met Gandhi and told him about, Sarvajana High School. Gandhi had liked the name.
The yesteryears of Peelamedu was made up of farmers, traders, financiers, mill workers etc., slowly the demography began to change.
Teachers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, advocates, and business people around the country had made Peelamedu their home.
Peelamedu is a part of the Coimbatore Corporation, and is a melting pot. Let us remember that the place was mother to several charities, social service organizations and supported many from around the world. This list is long and will continue.
The once ‘Poolaimedu’ became ‘Peelamedu’, thanks to usage. Today the people and students who got nurtured here live all around the world. It is difficult to measure their contribution to the society at large. The success stories from Peelamedu will qualify for a huge Encyclopedia. The humble beginning continues to make magnificent progress.
—Rajesh Govindarajulu

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