An Author’s Guinness Attempt On ‘Most Narrators On An Audiobook’

“Bend the rules only if you have learned them; break the rules only if you have mastered them”. Dr. Subramonian has done complete justice to the above phrase. At a time when most people give up citing age as a factor, at 63, Dr. Subramonian has just begun playing the game. An author of his own destiny, he has written himself in history’s page. Still wondering what it is? Well. It’s his record setting attempt of “Most Narrators in an Audiobook”. The book chosen for this attempt was “Daniel Radcliffe”, the book with the longest title (28,167 characters & 5,532 words in the front cover) in the world written by Dr. Subramonian.
This is a Guinness World Record Day Attempt officially approved by Guinness World Records under the category ‘Most Narrators in an Audiobook’. The book is narrated by 31 professional voice over artists National and International. The earlier record for most narrators of an Audiobook was 20 which has been surpassed now. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Subramonian.
He has in the past set several records like Largest Computer Class in the World, Guinness Book of World Records (2006), and 1,934 students online from 16 countries worldwide. Fastest Animator in the World (2012), Guinness Book of World Records and Continuous Teaching – 61 hours 35 minutes Limca Book of Records to mention a few.
The lonely road to greatness is better than the crowded road to mediocrity and Dr. Subramonian truly admits how challenging it was to design the front cover to achieve the Guinness World Record.
How did the idea to set such a record came to my mind? My daughters Janani and Aparna who are very fond of Harry Potter pushed me to write a book about Daniel Radcliffe for a very long time & I decided to write the book but as I have already set two Guinness Records thoughts as a person with passion for record setting, to make this book unique that is how this book with the longest title was born in my mind.
P.Mohanan, cinematographer was the chief guest besides Dr. Rajesh Devadas, Director, Pustaka Digital Media, Bengaluru and the event was held in the city.

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