Happy Man Can Lead A Happy Life

The physically strongest and bravest gender in human life is Men. They are the prime workforce for the family and society. The common saying, a strong man can lead a good family life and achieve in the professional front as well as social status. A kind of stigma is associated with men being soft and gentle especially with the opposite gender. They have been taught to hide certain basic emotions like cry, smile, laugh, and so on. In order to suppress those emotions they have been encouraged to exhibit anger, shouting, yelling and piercing words. These emotions are considered as their birthright.
Mind always tweaks such emotions to exhibit with whom and when. The emotional sync between men to men is always good and we have a good time together. The child also doesn’t have any problem with men’s emotions as they are very comfortable in being with them. When it comes to men and women, there is a contradictory statement between each other. Because of the stigma associated with men’s emotions and feelings. Since childhood they were taught not to exhibit girly emotions but the women in life expect such emotions to be expressed to make her feel cozy and comfort. When expressed she couldn’t take it as the emotions are associated with feminine characters. Women can’t take the so-called men’s emotions (anger) too as it hurts their feelings. Poor men, neither to react nor to respond. Such situations can be managed by considering emotions and feelings are part and parcel of any life. Humans are blended with all emotions and feelings.
Need to realize and accept men do have emotions and feelings like women. They can get hurt when their loved ones use harsh words against them. They can feel bad when they can’t express their true emotions and feelings to others. They can feel lost when their work doesn’t get appreciated by the family members. They feel ignored when they don’t get proper care and attention from the wife. They feel lonely when their children treat them badly. They have learned to express all their emotional pain through actions only. Most of the time it hurts them as well as the people around them. Why not learn to express all those feelings through words?
Why not women accept and take that one simple step to give that space for men in our life? Let them speak and share about their emotional pain to their loved ones in a non-judgemental and in the way they wanted it to be expressed. This will create a room for discussion, accept each others in a better manner, provide personal space to be themselves, resolve conflicts, and manage time for each other.
This week 19th November is celebrated as International Men’s day to appreciate and value men from all walks of life for the contribution they made for the family, society, nation, community, marriage and childcare. This year’s theme is “Better health for Men and Boys” with the aim to make practical improvements to the health and well – being of the male population.
In general, male focus much on physical health and which is openly discussed for the betterment of health. When it comes to mental health, we encourage each other to openly discuss and support one another in the process.
Why do people prefer to go to the gym? Because they could feel and see the benefits of physical health on day one and were free to speak about their physical pain to others. More importantly, they understand that the expected results will take a few months of time and are willing to wait and consistently work on it.
Why not preferring to go to a mental gym? (Psychologist or counsellor) Because, not used to speak about the mental or emotional pain to others.
Expecting the results on the day one and not interested in sharing or monitoring their progress on a daily basis.
Unwilling to take the professional help instead prefer to speak to friends and find temporary relief. When looking for a real solution people do prefer to visit a psychologist. The choice is yours!
Both physical and mental health are very essential for leading a healthy life. The functional deterioration in any one of the health has a direct impact on the performance and peace of mind. Seeking help for mental health is as normal as going to a general physician. When having a solution to solve why we live with pain!
Men’s mental health is directly linked with women’s life and co-exist in all activities.
They play a major role in the family as well as the work environment. When you want to take care of your lady in the family you need to take care of your mental health. Happy Man can lead a Happy Life!
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