Where Perception Differs And Matters

The perception of seeing things makes a lot of difference in life. When addressing perception, we commonly quote the numbers 6 and 9 or half full and half empty. You can view this from any angle, left or right or upside down. Depending on the person’s view it reflects in the thought process. So be it an option, the results are right from the individual’s perspective.
When perception matters a lot it always comes with a bundle offer. This could be through experiences, senses and learnings. Not everybody comes from the same school of thought. Accommodating differences and accepting options is a great challenge for most of us as we breathe our past experiences day in and day out.
Learning to see things from a different perspective is an art. As we say, the coin has both sides. Similarly, every situation has both sides one favoring the provider and the other receiver. Both of them talk from their perspective and want the best out of each situation. Ideally, they are right but in reality, the third person has got a much better say in such scenarios. Because he deals with it rationally while the other parties see it emotionally. Always emotion rules the discussion and the result is much known to us.
Perception is more to do with rational thinking and picking up the right words at the right time gives a diverse meaning for a single situation at different time intervals. But the logic or base of the context remains the same at any point in time. The recent common fashion statement of 5am club was previously been addressed as early bird or morning person.
When we see their promotional materials they have their way of communicating or impressing the public with benefits and offers. They bombard them with their achievements by claiming big and creating credibility statements to encash on the product.
If you deep dive into their claims, all will give the same message in a different language.
The perception of seeing and communicating the things would differ greatly in the way they approach or converse with the people or engage them with the product or service. Ultimately all the morning clubs would talk about the benefits they would get if they wake up early in the morning.
The beauty of perception is that it has a market for anything to buy or sell. Be it in personal or professional life.
The key focus should be on the target, the language we choose to communicate, and knowing the expected outcome. When we change the perception the whole scenario gets changed. Probably doing a trial at home or with friends would make us realize the power of perception.
Change the perception to change the results. It differs from a person to person as well as with the situations. In any respect, perception differs, and perception matters.
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