Choices Decide Destiny And Destinations

Life incidents are choices we make in our life. Whom and what we are today are based on the choices we made in the past. The future depends on the choices we make in the present. Making a choice is an art. It doesn’t come with rules and regulations or any defined patterns. Most of the time, we give the liberty of making choices to others and reprimand a lot. At times, we regret on the choices we make in our life.
Our choices decide our destiny and destinations. They are very powerful and lead our life to the path of light and dark. They create our future. Such an important decision in life is taken for granted by many of us or rather unrealized its impact in life. Right from play to education to profession to partner to privileges.
We can categorize people making choices into 5 types. They are do, delegate, postpone, dependent, and dwell. The do person type takes responsible and accountable for their words and actions. They build their organization, support people, and enrich life. The delegate type gives ownership to another person and keep blaming people and life. They live a mediocre life and are unhappy at most of the time.
The postpone type don’t have the will power to face the situations. They always stay behind the scene and speak high about themselves and blame the circumstances. They are fearful about criticism and worried about the results.
The dependent type person always co-exist. They need assurance and approval regularly from another person. They probably know their weakness but not smart enough to know their strengths. They accept life and move on with the flow.
The dwell type person worries about the past life and choices they made in life. They feel bad and regret for everything. They hardly live in the present. They are neither happy nor make others happy.
Be it any type of person the choices come in our life in different ways and means. Knowing what I want out of the choices I make will give the clarity to choose your choices aptly. Know your needs and wants as well as know your choices and options.
Choices are choices! They are our life line. Making a choice is making up your life. So make your choices wisely to create more choices in life.
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