Meatless Day By Bharathi Park Ladies Association

Bharathi Park Ladies Association formed in 1983 has been active for the past 38 years. With its main aim of Know thy neighbour and motto Friendship and service it has been conducting various social service activities every year.
Each year on account of Dada Vaswani’s birthday they celebrate meatless day. Due to Covid reasons the celebration last year got postponed.
The competition was conducted on the 2nd of Feb 2021 with 14 participants who prepared various mouth watering dishes with the main ingredients as Banana-Raw, Ripe or stem or flower from root to leaf and flower to fruit.
This competition was judged by Vinny Shukla, a renowned Chef. She conducted a pre session with the members virtually giving all the rules of the competition and the results were also announced virtually the following Thursday with the judge explaining the qualities of all the dishes and the rationale behind choosing the winners.
Three prizes and 2 other prizes – one for best infusion and one for best presentation were given.
Team of Office bearers – President Madhuri.R, Vice President. Usha Devi, Secretary Jyothi.V, Joint Secretary Srividhya.R and Treasurer Priya A.

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