Good Thoughts Leads To Positive Happy Life

Life is a wonderful journey with a lot of experiences, surprises, and engagements. Each experience opens up a new opportunity, surprises to unravel emotions and engagements to explore new avenues. Seeing life experiences with the note of encouragement and discouragement lies in the hands of the individual.
Every moment life throws challenges to us. The ability to handle those challenges requires a positive mind, willingness to deal with them, openness for discussion and learning, accepting other’s points of view, and taking a decision for the benefit of all. The way we deal with challenges defines the way we deal with people and life. As the incidents are primarily dictated by the people involved in that situation and life is influenced by the situational decisions. Both have an impact on the quality of life we live.
The quality of life is not measured by the accessories and extra fittings that we show to the world. It is actually appreciated by our thoughts, maturity, and values and virtues. Those are intangible and inaccessible to the external world. The famous quote “what we think; we become”. Thinking is a process of channelizing our thoughts to express our opinions, emotions, and feelings. They are measured by the quality of words we choose to have our internal and external dialogues. Words define the kind of person you are within your world and projected to the external world. Choosing a word is like defining your personality. So your word defines your personality. Value your words to value yourself.
Maturity is how we handle things in unexpected circumstances or when things don’t go in favor of us. Balancing the emotions in adverse situations defines our ability to foresee the consequences and take wise decisions. It doesn’t come with age. It comes with the learnings we have in life and the ability to accept other’s opinions when our own decision takes a chance. Realization and acceptance are the key factors in defining one’s maturity.
Values and virtues are both sides of the coin. Values remind us of the person whom we want to be identified or been recognized in the public. This is been infused by our inner values and exhibited through our actions to people. Virtues are the daily process that reminds us to keep moving in the path of our values. Deviating from such routines indirectly leads to deviating from our values. Hold your values to hold yourself.
All these aspects are interlinked and interconnected. Thoughts lead to values and virtues and these lead to the development of maturity and eventually dictated by thoughts. Life is an opportunity given to us between the phase of birth and death. The process of leading a happy and healthy life defines the quality of life we breathe during our lifetime. Breathe in good thoughts and breathe out bad thoughts to have a quality life.
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