Catering To The Taste Buds Amidst An Array of Antique Collection In Kannur


Passion differs from person to person. For Shaji T whose passion is for antique collection caters not just tongue tingle dishes to food lovers, but also displayed an array of old things right from old newspapers to utensils, tape recorders, typewriters, televisions, wall clocks, time pieces, torches, motorcycles besides musical instruments, conventional type telephones. The list is endless.
Interestingly, Mathruka Fast Food in Kannur hogged the limelight for its innovative concept as the youtube posting went viral on social media. Not just residents of Kannur, even from the adjacent districts make a beeline to the fast food joint to enjoy the variety of dishes besides having a peek at the antique collection.
Shaji said that he had a craze for collecting old stamps and coins of different countries right from his childhood days.
Having spent around 32 years working at Kollam Sheen Bakery, the antique collector ventured into starting his own eatery aptly naming it as ‘Mathruka Fast Food’ in Kannur on Aarat road near railway station sixteen years ago and is catering to the taste buds in the town offering snacks besides Kerala’s traditional ‘Khula Puttu’, ‘Appam’, fried rice and noodles besides different types of biryani.
Sources said that Shaji served the needy during COVID lockdown and is contributing regularly to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund from the revenue generated from his fast food joint. And Shaji’s Mathruka Fast Food is also into catering service for weddings, receptions, birthday parties and small family gatherings.
It is said that Mathruka fast food received good patronage from taste buds from Kannur and surrounding areas following word of mouth while a youtube posting by a customer about Shaji’s restaurant went viral on social media to bring food lovers from far off places across the God’s Own Country and neighbouring states.

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