Don’t Diet, But Improve To Keep Fit

Most of the diets produce results in short term, but fail to sustain over a period of time.
The main reason is that the diets that are prescribed and followed are radically different from what people normally eat and is not sustainable.
Regular exercise and healthy eating habit are the two pillars of our physical well-being.
A healthy weight is an essential element of our health. Our eating habit plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy weight.
There are numerous diet plans with a promise of weight loss, but the fact remains that the best diet for losing weight is the one that is good for all parts of the body.
“Even today, after all the data that we have, people still think that eating fat makes them fat, and they try to find low-fat products,” says Dr.Stampfer, a professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.
“Adopt a healthy diet, and eat just a little bit less” is what he suggests.
Exercise regularly, increased physical activity would help in losing weight. With age, our metabolism slows, fat mass increases, bone and muscle mass declines.
It happens naturally unless we take conscious steps to avoid.
Regular aerobic (cardio) and strength training helps in keeping up the metabolism, maintain bone and muscle mass and also control the fat mass.
Weight loss is an excellent challenge as long as we are ready to accept failure and continue with our efforts to lose weight.
It’s one fight where losing is winning and those who improve with every attempt will eventually be the winner.
At Pink Fitness Saibaba Colony, our dieticians focus more on improving the eating habits instead of crash diet.
Members have lost weight and enjoyed the whole process prescribed by our dieticians.
Our trainers design fun filled activities that help in improving fitness and also in weight loss.
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