Missing Mentally Ill Person Reunited With Family

A 64 year old mentally challenged person from Bihar who was missing since 2003 was reunited with his family after a gap of 18 years. Thanks to Udavum Karangal for taking strenuous efforts to locate his family in Bhagalpur.
Notably, the person Beerendra after being treated at Udavum Karangal started to reveal few details about his native place and family. Based on it, the Udavum Karangal zeroed in on his family at Pharka village in Bhagalpur. His son is eking out a living as a painter and his wife a homemaker.
Srinivasa Rao, social worker of Udavum Karangal located his village and spoke to a person. Joy knew no bounds for his son after coming to know that his father was alive.
Ratan Vidyaakar, founder of Parivartan (A rehabilitation centre for mentally ill patients) Coimbatore, spoke to his son Ashuthosh Kumar when he was told that his father went missing when he was 15 years old. Despite filing a man missing complaint with the police, his son lost hope as there was no way to find his father. His son with a family advocate came to Udavum Karangal Home and were happy to see Beerendra Mandal hale and hearty. Ratan Vidyaakar counseled the family for continuing psychiatric treatment and regular medication besides family love and affection, to avoid further relapses of his psychiatric problem.

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