‘MYSELF’ Is The Mantra For Healthy Relationship

Human beings are naturally sensitive creature towards emotions and feelings. We experience such sensation towards the people we love and care. We interwine our thoughts and feelings with them and willing to accommodate with their limitations. We invest quality time in building relationship with people and take efforts to retain them in our life. This endures relationship bonding with family and friends. Irrespective of working so much to be in a relationship; we experience bitterness, unhealthy discussion, backbiting and stabbing and hatred towards each other. The person whom we loved and trusted the most becomes an emotional pain in any relationship sooner or later. Such anguish leads to unpleasure events in life.
Have ever been given a thought why such incidents occurs in life. If so, probably we think the other person might go wrong, unfavorable situations, time factors, difference of opinions, conflict of interest, unreliable expectations and acceptance of situations and people. We spend much time in scrutinizing those incidents and trying to be judgemental. On contrary, how much time we spent in proning or analyzing self. The most commonly neglected and least bothered aspects in life. Hardly we would invest time in self understanding and realization.
The human psychology says, when we are not in self love and acceptance we would find hard to accept others in life. We naturally tend to put blame on others, talk behind people, act differently, contradict our words and actions, argue for no reasons, irrelevant talk and discouraging people. No wonder, why people struggle to accept themselves and live a happy and fullfilling life.
If such is going to be continued, it spoils the relationship with self and others. Its time to cull out the negative thoughts and feelings and work on creating a new in you. One’s relationship with self is the foundation for all relationship in life. A slight kindling thought on self love would bring drastic changes in the perspective of whole life.
Its imperative to be in a healthy relationship with self. The word “MYSELF” defines ME. It says am in a “Meaningful, Young, Serene, Enthusiastic Life and Feel”. Eventually, we wanted to be with our knitted family, friends and relations. We exhibit such desires and longingness for the betterment of self and others. The relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship with you have in life.
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