Navigating the Tradition and Modernity of Wedding: Psychologist Says

The big fat wedding is a dream of every parent to get their children married into a good family. This dream come true moment is celebrated beautifully with a lot of rituals and traditions. The timeless tradition of our rich Indian culture plays a significant role in the wedding. The elaborate preparation of the wedding, vibrant colours, delicious food, and ceremonies always make the wedding go back to a memorable time.
The contemporary weddings are more fascinating with the blend of traditional touch. This beautiful fusion in a wedding enriches the celebration with depth, meaning, and vibrancy. The destination wedding concept is to celebrate their love in a unique and unforgettable setting, surrounded by their closest family and friends. The convenience of wedding preparations has partially excluded the family members and friends and made it a choice of preferences for the celebrations. Moving away from tradition to modernity to family and friends to couples.
The celebration of a wedding has always been a part of representing our culture and tradition and sharing our rich cultural experiences and happiness with our kith and kin.
The joy of welcoming a new bride & bridegroom, new family and extended family members, and sharing our home and personal space has been the part and parcel of the system. The beauty of our wedding starts with the celebration, knowing both their families and culture, visiting each other’s house, doing rituals, meeting relatives and friends, and building new relationships. The celebration continues and the family grows bigger.
With the prevailing scenarios, cross cultural weddings are very common and navigating those challenges are inevitable. The families would love to have the wedding rituals in their own ways that are passed on to them from generation to generation. Accommodating both the family rituals and traditions has become the norm and facilitating the process is a must to spread happiness.
Encouraging both the families to have an open communication to share their traditions and rituals, expectations in the wedding, sharing their family members details and relationship with them, food habits, family beliefs and values, financial management, things that are unacceptable, expectations from both the families, events and preferences.
Such open conversation will help them to understand better what and what not to expect, and avoid conflicts. These topics can be discussed in a mutual place with due respect to each other’s words. The decorum has to be maintained to avoid any arguments and disagreements. Can have a well wisher to mediate the process or seek professionals help in agreeing to the common point.
The new life of celebrations begins with the note of wedding preparation. It is imperative to pay utmost care to both family people and process as the sharing of love and home for the couple starts from there. It’s the family that builds the new home and hope for the couples and sets a role model for their life.
Let the wedding bells bring harmony and peace for the family and society.
—Dr Chellam Narendiran
Consultant Psychologist

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