Anti Ageing Specialist Dr Narmatha’s Tips To Lose Belly Fat

A person with normal physique but excess belly fat is considered to have ‘central obesity’. Most cases of central obesity are ‘stress induced’. This does not reduce with exercise or starvation diets. Lets discuss the link between stress and weight gain and the strategy to reduce it.

Stress plays havoc with your hormones. It increases Cortisol-the stress hormone that plays a major role in your metabolism and fat accumulation. Stress induced weight gain is also due to derangement of hormones Ghrelin and Leptin. When these happens, there will be a constant unnoticeable signal to the brain to induce the feeling of hunger and also insulin secretion that leads to fat deposition and accumulation. If you think, exercise, starvation and diet is going to be the fastest strategy to lose your belly, I should warn you that you may be worsening the situation. The right strategy to lose weight or belly fat is to understand the real reason behind your weight gain.

Not for everyone exercise and diet works. In-fact for many cases of belly fat, ‘good sleep’ helps a lot of time to lose weight. This may be sound fascinating, but there are theories supporting this. When some people burn calories through sweat, some people burn calories as Carbon-di-oxide molecules. There are a lot of tests like Body composition Analysis, Fat Caliper Analysis,blood tests to identify the cause for your weight gain and therefore to arrive at a personalized plan is the real strategy for weight loss or belly fat loss. Just the way we believe each person’s finger print is unique, so is each person’s metabolism.If your belly is stress-hormone induced, then too much exercise and starvation diet is not going to reduce it. The first effort in weight loss should be to identify the cause for weight gain. Once reason is identified, if the belly fat is due to stress, real strategy would be to stop strenuous dieting. Reduce stress and to increase your sleep. A peaceful walk helps here than the high effort exercise.

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