Be Open And Receptive To Changes, Says Chellam Narendiran

Nature’s bounty is a blessing in disguise wherein people get their needs fulfilled. Undoubtedly, one should enjoy and  appreciate trivial things in life. And it’s a known fact that there is only one life to be lived happily more specifically childhood and youth which needs to be celebrated forever, middle age to be earmarked in one’s history and in old age memories to be cherised.

Irrespective of age, each one of us desired to be happy, wanted to enjoy life and takes pleasure in each moment. Realizing and relishing such happiness becomes an expensive gift for us. Our mind wanders for things beyond our control and challenges each and everything. Its good to question not at the cost of one’s peace. We thrive hard to see success in all walks of life. In the process, we adore things which matters to us, not which puts us in hard phase. We failed to realize, nature also wanted to surprise us with tough times and make us more strong. Our perspective on seeing people and incidents need to be changed. Be open and receptive for changes, accept things which gives a different purpose and meaning in life. Show gratitude and welcome everything that comes in your way. As in life, nothing happens without a reason. Analyzing, bridging and connecting the dots will show as a different path to be led and live. Be a lifelong student to learn from junior toddler (kid) to senior toddler (elderly person). Let the life gets surprised by the way you treat and live your life.

Chellam Narendiran

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