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An Exclusive Journey with Founder Reshma

In the heart of Coimbatore, where love stories bloom into everlasting unions, Reshma, the visionary founder and head of Flora Wedding Planners, has been crafting enchanting narratives since 2012.
A former software engineer turned maestro of ceremonies, Reshma’s journey into the world of weddings began with a desire for something novel.
In this exclusive interview, we delve into Reshma’s remarkable journey, exploring her unique approach, memorable experiences, and the evolution of the wedding industry.
How did you start Flora Wedding Planners?
I started Flora Wedding Planners in 2012. Being a software engineer and settling in Coimbatore, I desired something novel and always had a flair for events. The creative field intrigued me, and I believed I could flourish in it.
How do you ensure a unique style for each couple?
Since 2012, every wedding has been unique, and each couple has their vision. We don’t offer packages; instead, we personalize and give meticulous attention to their story. Every event is curated exclusively, and we never repeat designs; each backdrop is distinct.
Share a memorable moment from your journey.
Every event holds special memories. I cherish countless moments from weddings, each unique in its own way.
Have you faced any challenging events in your career?
Challenges are part of every wedding. For instance, we had a couple keen on an eco-friendly theme, so we used jute and lotus leaves. This earned us a national award for eco-friendly wedding planning.
Another challenge was creating a Vrindavan theme for a Lord Krishna devotee, incorporating Radha Krishna paintings and cows.
We also crafted a wedding for a devotee of Sadguru, using rustic brass elements.
How has the wedding industry changed post-COVID?
Pre-COVID, events were about grandeur and large crowds. Post-COVID, couples prefer minimalism, focusing on a personalized experience. This shift allows us more freedom to dedicate our style to their story and theme.
Do you operate only in Coimbatore?
No, we work all over South India and have even organized a wedding in the US.
Any cost-saving tips you’d like to share?
It’s crucial to spend sensibly. Balancing real and artificial flowers is essential in floral themes, considering the impact on farms. Opting for budget-friendly options and prioritizing personalization over generic choices is vital. For details contact 99942 78076.
—Grishma Raj

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