Will Modi’s Second Innings Be Second To None?

People’s Great Expectations For A Strong India

The Nation celebrates its leader for its historical victory in the Lok Sabha polls. It’s a continuation of chapter, as his word goes live saying “Together We Grow; Together We Prosper and Together We Will Build a Strong and Inclusive India”. Such statement carries so much value for a common man like us.
With lots of excitement, people in the country welcome their leader with a great hope and trust in building a better Nation for us and for generations to come. The election Sankalp Patra (pledge or resolution document) is still alive in our mind and soul to see the better future India.
The people of India expect its leader’s primary support in strengthening the basic necessities of our country ie. Agriculture, Reservoirs; water bodies and education. The farmers are the pillars and agriculture is the backbone of India. We expect the Nation to support its farmers with the requisite sourcing of raw materials, equipments and favourable environment or circumtances to support farming to a major extent. Though, we welcome the Sankalp on pension scheme for farmers but would appreciate the government support in developing farming for the betterment of Nation.
Reservoirs and water bodies are oxygen and life line for living. Water and water bodies are nature’s gift for us. We started selling them in bottles with loss of minerals and taste. Though government said, one of its schemes is Jal Shakti – piped water for every household. It’s high time, we public alongwith Government take much interest in saving our natural water bodies, interconnection of canals and rivers and storage of rain water in houses and for agriculture purpose.
The most popular scheme of the current government is Digital India. Though, we stepped into digital India a long way to go. Educate India will help Digital India to achieve its dream come true. In our country, education fee is exorbitant and it’s a big business. It’s a big dream for a common man’s child to do schooling or college. We welcome government schemes to aid financial support for the students and provide proper infrastructure facilities to help each student to achieve their goals and make their dream come true.
The Nation builds its strength through its people. It’s a responsibility shared between people of India and Government to build Nation with peace, love, integrity, values and culture.
A nation with oneness should be the mantra for each one of us. We people of India, dreaming a country where education is the birth right for every child, red carpet welcome for farmers and agricultarist and protect water bodies as their own child.
People of India join hands with its leader to build a Nation with a vision to make it big in the world.
Chellam Narendiran
Srijan Counselling Services
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