V Furnish CSR Initiative

V-Furnish, a leading furnishing company representing an excellence in blinds, wallpapers, curtains. The whole host of collections and a masterwork of style and textural splendor evolved from a rich inspiration of the past and present expands your imaginative perspective. Our deep understanding of both the international and domestic furnishing Industry helps us carefully curate a versatile range of fabrics for any interior style. We have a selection of plains that blend easily into your home as well as understated prints and jacquards that add a hint of character to your favourite spaces. V Furnish design consultants and professional installation services are always geared up to provide due support at any phase throughout your window treatments projects.
Our CSR activities, at V Furnish the distribution of wealth is as important as its legal and ethical creation. A strong sense of social responsibility is therefore an integral part of our value system. V Furnish voluntarily provided the school with complimentary high quality Curtains for all class rooms. We are happy that we got thoughtful support from them,” said Sister Jyothi, Principal, Cottolengo Special School. For three decades, the Cottolengo Special School in Coimbatore has been an unwavering beacon of hope and education for children with special needs.
—Grishma Raj

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