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In the present day’s fast-paced lives, people often tend to forget that food is one of the most important contributors to good health. Unmindful of the source of our groceries we just pick packs off the shelves of the supermarket. The rice, cereals and millets there were grown with loads of pesticides and chemicals to prevent untoward crop damage and most importantly to increase the yield from the land.
Use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides can make multiple yields than on organically farmed land. The increase in yield rapidly depletes the soil fertility and turns the land barren in a matter of years! A solution to these hazardous practices came in the form of bio-dynamics, an ethical and ecologically process of farming that safeguards the fertility of the land and passes on the nutrition to the produce.
B Naturo is such one-of-kind organic products brand based on bio-dynamics/active bacteria culture. B Naturo follows bio-dynamics method of farming where the land is introduced to active bacteria to increase its fertility. Such lands are organically certified and the product is completely organic. B Naturo thus houses a wide range of products including rice varieties, readymade dosa mix, pappads, rice fritters, staple groceries and completely organic cosmetic products.
And B Naturo is certified by India Organic and has 5 outlets in Coimbatore and 2 in Tirupur. Headquartered in Chennai with 32 outlets, B Naturo also has 3 unisex organic salons that use products that are completely organic. “Changing food habits can help in improving health. Rice being our staple food, the use of organic rice in your diet can make a huge difference in your health” says Hemalatha Jeyakumar, Coimbatore Branch Director of B Naturo.
The store has almost every grocery item you would need for your household. With nominal pricing and increased benefits like stabilized blood sugar level, instant energy and lot more switching to organic products is now only a matter of choice. To avail attractive offers and discounts on these organic product contact our following outlets
Saibaba Colony – 6374909968, R.S.Puram – 9443719843, Sundarapuram – 6382735929, Peelamedu – 9445657140, Saravanampatti – 7448822887.
—Surya Harish

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