Moments To Capture, Memories To Cherish

Life is a collection of memories. Memories do wonders when we set apart discrepancies and focus on equivalences. Life is beautiful, if mind knows to filter, manage and store beautiful moments only. Unfortunately our mind focus on irrelevant matters than significant one.
The research says, our memories shape who we are today. They make up our mind in believing ourselves and others. The stories we tell ourselves, persons who touched our lives, whom we connected and disconnected and so on.
If you observe successful persons, they have built their personality from both good and bad memories. For them, memory is an instrument for storing information which are necessary for building their domain. People with such great memories are seen as knowledgeable and competent in their profession.
Memories are the store house of information. By default it captures the things happening around us in no time. We have a choice to store those information either in short term or long term memory. We need to train our mind to store essential information in the long term memory and unpleasant one in the short term memory.
In simple terms, learn from bitter experience and let go off the bad memories. Our schema are built on our past experiences, which primarily contributes to our memory. Making memories more meaningful in our life is in our hand. It helps us in building adorable relationship with people, professional bonding and becoming an amazing individual.
It’s imperative to learn from life’s experience and collect memories with a purpose to enjoy each and every moment of our life. The key is in your hands to make it appreciable and treasurable moments for the future days.Memories are memories for the person who feels and lives with it.
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