Age No Barrier For Dancing

Shastra Temple of Dance at Saibaba Colony is not just another dance academy which teaches classical artforms. They are a part of Sree Matha Trust who all are involved in various activities for promoting Indian culture and world peace through exquisite dance forms.
Sree Matha Trust does Yogic counselling for healthy mind & body. They have been training students for Satsangs and for performances in temples alike for over 25 years. For the past 2 years, the Academy has been training women of all ages in classical forms to show that age does not matter when it comes to learning a classical dance form. Both bharathanatyam and Odissi are being taught and students encouraged for arangetrams at tender age of 9 and 10.
Natya Seva classes are going on for 10 years & women of all ages who haven’t had any previous training can learn & Perform. Saints like Dayanand Sarawasti, The Shankaracharyas, Swami Satchidananda, Swami Shatananda and Himalayan masters have visited the Gurukul in Saibaba Colony and blessed their initiative and invited the students from Gurukul to perform in their ashrams. The intention and aim of the academy is to promote indian culture and unite through the concept of ‘Vishwa Shanthi’ that is world peace. Natya Seva is also another reason where students are made to perform in famous temples like Guruvayur, Tirupathi etc., The trust also promotes restoration of vedas in our culture, Protecting Cows & doing Seva in temples. For more details call 9994212853.

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