Womens Center By Motherhood Helps Pcos Achieve Pregnancy, Says Dr Ramya Jayaram

With PCOS fast becoming most common problem for the women in India, the present statistics paints a grim picture wherein the condition can give rise to a number of complications including infertility.
However, PCOS can achieve pregnancy with Womens centre by motherhood helping them get their long cherished dream using expertise and cutting edge technology. According to Dr. Ramya Jayaram, Endogynecology & Reproductive Medicine Consultant (Reproductive Medicine), Womens Center by Motherhood, no need to be panic on hearing the term PCOS.
In an interview to Kovai Metro, she said that the condition can be managed and controlled with relative ease. She also says that women with PCOS can achieve pregnancy and Womens Center by Motherhood can help them achieve their long-cherished dream using its expertise and cutting-edge technology.
What is the rate of infertility in women suffering from PCOS?
There are some women who ovulate occasionally while many others never. So, the rate of infertility is considered very high in women with polycystic ovaries. They will find it difficult to achieve pregnancy and most of them will need appropriate treatment to improve the chances of pregnancy.
Is it possible for a woman diagnosed with PCOS to conceive?
Just because a woman suffers from PCOS does not stop her from achieving pregnancy. With appropriate fertility treatment, she has a very good chance of getting pregnant. In fact, majority of women with PCOS will be able to have a baby with fertility treatment.
Is PCOS a life-threatening condition?
It is estimated that about 10 percent women and girls suffer from this complex hormonal disorder worldwide. In the absence of early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, PCOS can become a precursor to many life-threatening conditions including type II diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and kidney-related issues.
Is polycystic ovary fatal?
It is not. The condition comes with a number of complications. Yet, it can be controlled and managed by a few simple lifestyle changes or medication methods. But, the cardiovascular disease it triggers can become fatal in the absence of precautionary measures.
What causes PCOS? It is a million dollar question, because no one for sure knows the answer. However, evidence suggests definite genetic link to the disorder.
Can PCOS lead to cancer?
It can. Irregular periods or lack of periods can cause the endometrium to build up and become thick. This thickening can lead to endometrial cancer.
Is IVF is a good option?
It is a good option. In fact, for those who have failed to achieve pregnancy using other treatments have a brighter chance of getting pregnant using IVF provided they do the procedure at a high quality fertility center. Recent advances in IVF promise high success rate even while controlling multiple pregnancy risk.
How can Womens Center by Motherhood help those with PCOS?
We’ve the best medical team, most sophisticated technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure, desirable expertise and experience and proven track-record and a healthy success rate in fertility treatment using the most appropriate form of treatment based on individual needs / conditions. For More info, ring 0422 420 1000, Visit details: 146B, Mettupalayam Road, Coimbatore – 641043.

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