Prana Violet Healing Steps For Emotional Freedom Healing

In order to proceed with the EFH you will need to complete the Prana Violet Healing steps as stipulated in the Prana Violet Healing – Healing Procedure. With the healing wand you need to find the Astral / Emotional Energy Body. First find the energy body with the healing wand and proceed until you find the Emotional / Astral Energy Body. This would be located about 2 to 3 feet from the Energy Body.
You will also need to find the Mental Energy Body using the healing wand. This will start from the Astral / Emotional Energy Body and would be located about 3 to 4 feet from the Astral / Emotional Body.
To find emotional issues hold the wand in that area of the Emotional Energy Body and then ask “Is there any emotional problem” wait for a while say 10 to 15 seconds.
The wand would move away from the energy body if there were any issues. If there were no emotional problems then the wand would stay still and not move. To reconfirm this now ask “There Is No Emotional Problem” now the wand will move away from the energy body. The wand will move by itself. This would be confirmed if you have made an energy connection / communication with the patients soul. ( Note: You are not allowed to move the wand, the wand should move by itself ).
If the patient have the emotional problem then proceed to ask one by one, the type of the common emotional problems that the patient may have such as: a. Disappointment, b. Worries, c. Sadness, d. Fear, e. Anxiety, f. Grief, g. Frustration.
Once the type of negative emotion has been identified the source of the emotions need to be found, whether it is from outside source or from inside of the patients conscious or subconscious mind.
This negative energy need to be removed from the emotional body. For more details contact:

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