Let Children Explore And Experience After Learning The Values of Life

Human life and way of living has changed drastically. Most of the people have changed with time, localities and roots for various reasons. One of the drastic changes that had an impact on people is family and value systems. In family system, we are moved from joint to nuclear to live-in concept to independent life. When comes to value system, we pay much importance for materialistic value. Morale value is questionable or rather exist in books only.
When our family eco system is disturbed, it not only affects the individual or family members. It affects the entire community. Such is the example of sexual assault and extortion case happened recently. If given a deep thought, it’s an individual responsible for this cruelty or improper upbringing or family background or social / peer pressure or social status.
Such a heavy subject to analyze, discuss and understand its root cause for the problem. On the outer layer, we could see it as a chain reaction. A small disturbance in the family or upbringing a child has a long term impact on child’s physical, mental and social health. Similarly on the society. Though environment has a role to play but reins are in the hands of the parents to ensure their child chooses the right path for their living. These days’ parents treat their child very indifferently. Wondering, what is that they are different from our upbringings to our parental upbringings? Those days we have been taught to value people, respect elders, help each other, share our belongings with our own and cousin sisters / brothers, celebrate together, visit our relations any time, welcome people home, spend time together and eat and live together.
The present gen kids or youngsters are unaware of our family and value systems. They have been experienced to materialistic value, virtual connect, virtual happiness, Facebook likes and eat and live with gadgets.
When such is the experience we give for our generations what can we expect out of them. What we sow; we reap! It’s time for all the individual, parents and society to take responsibilities to teach our kids and youngsters the value of people, value of life and value of happiness. Let us treat them the way we have been treated by our parents and guide them to explore a new in them and provide an opportunity to experience a new life.
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