In A First, Cryotheraphy Facility @ First Physio

There are many youngsters who are passionate about sports and want to take it as a career option. With guided training and consistent practice, there are many opportunities. Some of the dreams do not take off because of sports injuries that are not treated immediately.
No more says Augustine Joseph, chief Physiotherapist of First Physio Itham Centre, having a Cryotherapy facility for the first time in Coimbatore.
He says, ‘Although Cryotherapy, the exposure of the whole body to subzero temperature for a brief while was originally discovered for treatment of patients with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, doctors found that there were immense benefits for Sports people.
The past 15 years have seen sports medicine people use Cryotherapy effectively both for performance enhancement and recovery of injuries.’
Real Madrid football player Ronaldo has his own Cryotherapy which he uses for quick recovery and enhancement!
We have had golfers, basket ball players and atheletes benefitting from cryo. For instance a back sprain which would ground a player for two or more weeks, has shown remarkable healing with four or five sessions of cryo and along with Physiotherapy they resume their game in a short while.
Sports Enthusiasts, Marathon Runners and Fitness guys, do check this out! For details contact 8903540001.

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