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Hariram Yeshwanth, one of the partners at Advanced Clothing Concepts is a young, energetic and insightful entrepreneur who with sheer determination and inspiration built a brand to deliver everything needed for clothing from design to production. Surya Harish finds more about his entrepreneurship in a face-to-face.

Explore And Experience To Excel, Hariram Yeshwanth Tells Nextgen Entrepreneurs

Why did you want to become an entrepreneur?
Being in a city that is famous for entrepreneurs and multi-generational businessman I was fascinated with business and entrepreneurship so I always wanted to become an entrepreneur. I didn’t know what I wanted to do then, but I was clear about doing something on my own.
The story behind Advanced Clothing Concepts
I along with my childhood friend started doing freelance designing while in college. We started off by doing it for friends and slowly took it the next level by charging for our works. After our under-graduation, my friend and I pursued higher studies abroad. I was completely into the Computer science stream for both my under graduation and graduation. My friend / partner Senthil Kumar did his masters in textile technology.
When we were back after our education and being in a textile hub like Coimbatore with the knitting centre point like Tiruppur in the vicinity we decided to  begin our venture in the textile industry. Having a sound design background we decided to start a company that provides an end-to-end garment solution right from designing to production.
India used to be a land of creativity and we gave the world the most intricate forms of designs. This slowly withered during and after the British and we were looked upon only as a manufacturing hub. We wanted to change the scenario and prove that we can come up with world-class designs locally and manufacture high-quality garments. Thus was born Advanced Clothing Concepts.
The inspiration behind your products
Under the parent company of Advanced Clothing Concepts we began our sub-brands Scribbles and Workaholic. Scribbles is a uniform manufacturing brand. We wanted to give a new world-class outlook to our old school style of uniforms. The world is becoming extremely small and the exposure our children receive has grown manifolds. I strongly believe that we need to equip them with the latest trends and technology to make them feel confident. The dressing is one of the fundamentals to make a person feel confident. With a smart outfit and comfortable outlook, students feel much more confident and equipped. We provide complete solutions for schools with providing clothing and accessories from head to toe. We design and manufacture everything that is required by the student right from cap to shoes.
Workaholic is a brand that manufactures work wear. The importance of suitable and safe work wear according to the professions are still bleakly accepted by society. It is absolutely necessary to dressing with proper gear and accessories to enable safer working spaces for the professionals. We have provided the hospital industry with workwear that is made of fabric that is treated to anti-microbial and anti-viral. In hospitals, due care is given to washing their hands to avoid the spread of infection. It is often forgotten that there is an increased chance for diseases and infection to be carried in clothes. In order to provide for a safe and secure environment for both professionals and patients this is one of the mandatory requirements. Apollo Hospitals in one of our clients who has brought in this change of work wear.
Solittle is our retail brand that manufactures clothing for children. We are selling our goods online on popular e-commerce sites. Our brand for children also is bespoke for its premium quality and world-class designs.
How well were you received in the industry
Our school uniforms were the most challenging product as it was difficult to crack the shell of age-old system in schools. To our surprise, the new generation schools readily accepted the change and wear ready to experiment in their uniform designs. In fact, we were the first ones to introduce the concept of t-shirts in schools. T-shirt is modern, smart and most practical form of uniform for students. Though many schools found it difficult to derail from their tradition they are beginning to understand the importance to upgrade and are slowly coming into the circle.
Your thoughts about nextgen entrepreneurs
I both envy and pity for the present generation. I Pity them because they are bombarded with information from various mediums and ultimately pressurized and stressed because of it. The boom of social media has kindled the pressure to stay updated and portray oneself attractive and knowledgeable in the medium. The internet is overflowing with information that is contradicting and confusing. So I pity the youngsters to as it is difficult for them to narrow down on their interests and passion and work towards achieving great things in life. I envy them also for the same reasons, the world is filled with a plethora of opportunities to learn and explore, when the resources and used wisely, the present generation is the most-equipped generation to chase after their dreams and achieve big.
What would be your advice to youngsters who wants to get into entrepreneurship with uncommon ideas
There is a sea of difference between businessmen and entrepreneurs. Business is taking up an existing opportunity and making the fullest use of it to showcase one’s talent.
But entrepreneurship is different. You will be the one to create opportunities. Taking the road less trodden is extremely challenging and difficult. But only keeping yourself motivated and inspired will give you the will to make it big in your vision. I would say it is mandatory to equip oneself with education and experience to grow steadfast in their area of interest. Dedicate your 20’s for learning and exploring. The experience you gain from this will give you a clear vision of what you want to do in life. It will also arm you to face all the odds to make your dream come true. For details contact Advanced Clothing Concepts 0422-4270575, 76.

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