Be Happy And Make Your Parents Happy, KG Hospital Chairman Tells Youth

Tamil saint-poet Vallalar was compassionate towards human beings, plants and animals. It pained his heart to see the withering crops. Such was his attachment to the living beings.
Vallalar fostered communal harmony. His renowned work “Thiru Arutpa” contains 8,000 verses, explaining his spiritual journey. He worshipped the Almighty in the form of jyothi. For him, meditation is the tool to realize the superior self.
God is dear to those who treat the life of all beings as their own. For Vallalar mankind and all other creations are one and the same.
In modern times, people’s relationship is based on certain pre-conditions and expectations. Animals do not have such pre-conditions and expectations. They mingle freely with one another.
A dog wags its tail and remains loyal to the person who occasionally feeds biscuits to it. But man remains ungrateful even after getting a great help from others.
Worries affect almost all people. They have to shoulder many responsibilities and carry on with their life. Whatever hurdles they face, they should not lose heart.
This is highly applicable in case of students appearing for the NEET examinations. Of the one lakh candidates who took the examinations recently, only 50,000 got through. Two girls from Tamil Nadu who failed in the examinations committed suicide. Had they made another attempt they could have got a pass.
Youngsters seem to be neglecting their moral responsibility. For instance, the only son of an elderly couple, who is an IT professional, has left his parents in Erode and settled down in another place.
The mother is a paraplegic who needs the support of her husband for doing even normal activity. Son’s neglect has made the father depressed. He came to KG Hospital and met me.
I told him that if he keeps a pet dog his worries will disappear. He did accordingly. After three months he came to KG Hospital as a happy man.
His blood pressure has become normal. Those who are prone to depression should adopt a suitable strategy to get over it. Parents do not expect their sons to give them money or make them live in luxury. They want only love from them. The young generation should realize this and act accordingly.
Youths should imbibe helping tendency. The pleasure one gets in helping others is incomparable. God will dwell in those having good qualities like love, happiness, joy, peace, honesty, discipline, confidence and gratitude. They will succeed in all their endeavours.
Dr. G. Bakthavathsalam
Chairman, KG Hospital

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