God’s Best Gift To Women Is Motherhood

Motherhood is the best gift for any woman and being a mother for many other children is the wonderful and blessed feeling a woman can have in her life time. A woman is a woman! A baby is a baby! No economical strata can compensate for babie’s health or mother’s time for the baby. As the world celebrates the breast feeding week from 1st to 7th August, WBW has defined the slogan for this year as “Empower Parents, Enable Breastfeeding”.
We are in an era, where the basic rights of a baby and a mother have become a debatable one. A lot of discussions are happening on breast feeding and its health impact on both mother and baby. It’s high time we understand the nature’s process and emotional value of a baby. The nature has given the best food for a baby is the mother’s milk especially the first form of milk immediately after the delivery or new born baby is born. Technically it is called as colostrum rich in proteins, fats and antibodies. No formulated baby food can provide these benefits and they can always act as a supplement only.

Reality check with senior mothers or their parents would tell them that a mother can emotionally connect with their baby through breast feeding only.
It has a scientific proof that when a mother breast feed her baby not only to fill stomach but to satisfy baby’s emotional and psychological needs.
She would tell stories, observe each and every movement of a baby, introduce her brothers and sisters, relations and family members, pass on knowledge, share human and relationship values and bonded with the baby right from its birth through breast feeding only.
The mother spends quality time with a baby during breast feeding only. Once the stomach is filled by default baby’s emotional and psychological needs also fulfilled.
That’s the reason our parents, grand parents, siblings are still attached with their sons / daughter and vice versa. It’s hard to see such bonding these days.
Nothing has changed except for the fact that mother’s don’t breast feed their babies. These miss in one prime responsibility has created misfortune for the generations.
Young mothers assume that breast feeding is a tiring job, takes a toll on their physical and mental health and disturbs their routine life.
They pass on their responsibility of feeding and upbringing a baby to a baby sitter or grand parents and enjoy their regular life.
Their priority is over job, career development, financial growth and social status.
This lifestyle goes well for a certain period of time and reality strikes when the baby’s behavior changed towards their parents.
A baby who is deprived of mother’s milk naturally tends to behave abnormally and lacks emotional connect with parents and people.
They also deprived of physical development, prone to infections, lack immunity, emotional intelligence and human values.
They treat each individual as they wish, giving back answers, treating their parents like materialistic things and values them for nothing.
That’s the time each mother feels that I would have spent quality time with my baby and whatever I have earned for my baby has no meaning in life.
Feeding a baby is giving a life for self. When mother’s breast feed their babies their hormones are functioning normally, happy hormones are secreted, feel the relaxation in body and mind, physically active and emotionally stable.
Mother’s milk has all the nutrients required for baby’s intellectual and physical development.
This is the right time for young mothers and mothers to become soon to realize the value of breast feeding and its psychological and physiological benefits for both of them.
Young parents need to realize we are producing a baby for life and not as a living material.
Each baby deserves mother’s milk, quality parental timing and bed time stories. We are producing generations to create, evolve and add value to human life.
Mother’s needs to understand breast feeding isn’t just milk it all about love, affection and care.
As a mother, nurture baby’s stomach, mind and emotion only through mother’s milk.
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