Womens Center By Motherhood Hospital Opens Exclusive PCOS Clinic

Womens Center by Motherhood Hospital inaugurated an exclusive PCOS Clinic – a dedicated multidisciplinary clinic for women with PCOS. The objective of the clinic is to provide a holistic approach to women dealing with PCOS and help them lead a healthy life.
According to Dr Mirudhubashini Govindarajan, Clinical Director, Womens Center by Motherhood, there is a big gap between awareness of the PCOS symptoms and its management. Women usually seek medical help for their symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycles, obesity or unwanted hair growth in adolescents and young women; infertility among women in their reproductive age and abnormal periods, endometriosis, diabetes or cardiovascular disease in older women. In such a scenario, only the symptoms are taken care of and the root cause, which is PCOS, is rarely evaluated and treated. Many a time surgery is done in the name of treatment for PCOS and usually ends up in leading to more complications. All this can be avoided by understanding the disease and starting lifestyle modifications early in life. Our PCOS Clinic helps the affected women do that.
With a commitment to offering high-quality, integrated and multi-disciplinary clinical services that address the various health problems associated with this endocrine disorder, Womens Center by Motherhood has introduced this exclusive PCOS Clinic at Coimbatore. The clinic aims to be a one-stop centre for all health problems related to PCOS.
“Womens Center has always been at the forefront providing high quality care to women’s health. With this multi-disciplinary clinic our aim is to provide women with the right information and guidance in dealing with PCOS. The evaluation and treatment approach will be customised based on the symptoms and needs of every woman. The team at the clinic will formulate a personalised plan for the patient based on her age and what affects her the most, and the focus will be on lifestyle management” says Dr Suganya Venkat, Consultant, PCOS Clinic, Womens Center by Motherhood. The clinic employs a hand-held approach to treat women with PCOS. The patients are evaluated based on their age and symptoms, and a personalised, six-month treatment plan is drawn up to address their health issues.
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