Where Founderpassion Shows The Start-Up Route To Entrepreneurship

There was a time when starting a new business meant joining an existing business, gaining experience, saving money and then years later, one could finally consider starting their business. However, we have come a long way since then. Starting a business, or as millennials call it — ‘having a start-up’, is a dream that is now more achievable. While the process is still long and difficult, getting your startup off the ground is not that difficult. How? Credit goes to Incubators! Incubators play a vital role in a startup space. From providing mentorship to giving networking advantages, they can help build a startup scene from the ground up, and that is just what Founder Passion strives to do. Located at Gopalapuram in Coimbatore, Founder Passion is a non-profit organization that envisions and mentors budding entrepreneurs with necessary expertise and tools to create wealth for the nation.
“We help create an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship and support early stage start-ups or innovators who are in the idea-generation stage. We build startups which are highly scalable that helps us find investors and growth. There are many incubation centres that are running in universities and educational institutions across our country, but we realized that entrepreneurs after graduation, do not show sufficient interest in startups. They still would like to stick to big scale initiatives. Hence, the biggest challenge is still overcoming that.” says VijayaKumar, Managing Director.
With Dr. Selvakumar, as Chairman and Kowsalya, as Director of Operations, FounderPassion, has been creating multiplier effect on opportunities for entrepreneurs by promoting new technology based enterprises. Along with conducting programs on entrepreneurial development, incubating technology based ideas by supporting with planning, monitoring and coaching, this organization also supports and nurtures the enterprises to success.
“Currently our focus is in the fields of agritech, sustainability, engineering, manufacturing and defense. I feel agriculture has always been one of the major areas that needs an upliftment and mix of technology to be progressive in our nation. These fields provide tremendous scope for entrepreneurs to develop their business and contribute to the GDP growth of India,” added VijayaKumar.
The company conducts bootcamps, hackathons along with nurturing Young Indian Youths (YIEC) and research scholars. Their upcoming event named AgInvest 2019 is an awaited pioneer symposium which will be held on the 5th and 6th of December in Bangalore. The symposium will be an exclusive pitch session for all agricultural based start-ups. The event will involve many Government agencies with the provision of grants, along with seed, angel investors and venture capital investors aiding through funds. “This will be a remarkable event that will focus on the agri tech culture and the improvement of the industry. We are expecting atleast 200 plus start ups to participate,” said Kumar.
Foster creativity and imagination among entrepreneurs and startup employees, FounderPassion also wings out aid to women entrepreneurs to inculcate self-reliant skills such as adaptive learning and encourage them to continue their business with confidence and power. There are hundreds of entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas, but they need the helping hand of Indian Incubators such as FounderPassion to truly change the way that India thinks.
—Grishma Raj

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