Tips To Ensure A Safe And Prosperous Diwali

Deepavali “The festival of lights” is celebrated on a grand scale with lighting of lamps, drawing rangolis and enjoying sweets to spread happiness all around. Bursting firecrackers is a ritual during Diwali for a long time. Ensure a safe and prosperous Diwali by observing the following safety tips.
* Do not compete with others in bursting crackers.
* Do not let children to burst firecrackers, unless accompanied by an adult for safety.
* Lighting the fireworks in an open area is safety.
* Never allow children to carry crackers in pockets.
* Avoid bursting crackers in narrow lanes and densely populated apartments.
* Avoid storing all crackers as a heap at one place.
* Avoid flowing clothes made of silk, polyester, nylon, and other similar material as they can easily catch fire. Wear tight clothes made of cotton, denim and khadi.
* For more safety, avoid bursting aerial fireworks (like rockets) and atom bombs which cause for most fire accidents. Burst crackers in open spaces like playgrounds and fields.
* For precaution, while burning crackers, keep 1 or 2 buckets of water and sand nearby so that burnt crackers can be disposed off easily.
* Do not shoot crackers or rockets placing inside a glass bottle. The broken glass pieces will hit human bodies and cause injuries.
* Strictly avoid using matches and lighters for igniting crackers. Stand about an arm length away from the crackers and ignite crackers using a candle or an agarbathi taper.
* Do not burn crackers in heavy traffic, crowded and congested places.
* Do not throw ignited crackers on others for fun.
* Wear covered shoes to prevent any feet injury.
* Bursting firecrackers may cause respiratory trouble of asthma, allergies and irritation of eyes.
* If there is an eye injury, immediately wash eyes with water for atleast 10 minutes.
* Never try to run if you catch fire on you while bursting crackers. Instead roll on the ground to control the flames of fire.
* Pour cool water on the burnt area covering with a damp cloth, immediately rush to the nearest hospital. Don’t rub with cloth with pressure. Avoid applying ink or oil on the burnt area.
* During festival time, keep a record of the address and contact phone numbers of Fire Service and nearby doctors so as to contacted in emergency.
Emergency Call : 101 (Fire Service), 108 (Ambulance)
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