Live With Nature To Live In Peace

Life is inseparable from nature. Nature is the sole and vital source of energy for the enrichment of human life. Souls are very much connected with nature. Human life is gifted with nature’s abundant resources and has everything for mankind. No life is without nature’s life. The presence of natures’ feel drives the people’s life. It has taught us virtues, swapping of resources and living in unity.
Our ancestor’s life is very much connected with nature’s life. They understand nature’s language and communicate with each other in a more beautiful manner for betterment of living. Be it tree or bird or animals. The human psyche and nature psyche are always in sync with life. They coordinate with each other without any classroom trainings and recognize their needs and support for one other for mutual benefits. They learnt their lifestyle through way of living. The appreciation of nature’s cues and interpretation of things were stupendous. People’s inner world is directly connected with nature’s world. No tsunami or kaja destroyed their life. No elephant has crossed their border. Forest didn’t show their anger on human beings. They lived in harmony.
When people started disconnecting from nature, things are way beyond our imaginations. In the current days, people and nature has become two distinct entities. The human psyche believes that technology is the only advancement for growth and distant themselves from nature. They see nature’s way of talking or living is an obstacle for development.Nature is still good to us and working on human psyche only. When we cross our limits in disturbing nature it warns us through change of weather, diseases, depletion of resources and destroying. Still we don’t realize the nature’s sign as we have moved on from instinct to intellectual belief.
Though, our genius mind tell us we can predict nature perfectly, develop resources artificially and create wealth through technology. We always wanted to outrage nature. In the name of advancement, we try to give birth to robots with human touch. The humanoid robot Sophia has been given birth by technology with 50 facial expressions. We humans have humpty number of expressions flashing in few seconds. Can this be replaced? This can be compromised for some time but feels the vacuum in no time.
The ecosystem is designed in such a manner that both human and nature are complimenting creatures. The first and final bed for us is the nature’s bed. We live in a symbiotic relationship and nothing can be replaced. In the process, we need to learn to live with nature and understand its behavior and cooperate with nature to support our living. When we are in sync with natures call we are living peacefully in this earth. The supreme power has gifted nature to us for living cohesively and harmoniously. Live with Nature to Live in Peace.
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