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The “Justice Served”. At last the Nation is celebrating the death of 4 rape accused in Hyderabad. There is an encounter history for the rapist in our Indian penal code. Though the news bring hope and energy for the public after Vishaka’s case, Nirbhaya’s death, child rape cases and many other unaccounted cases. Is this actually bringing fear in the mind of the rapist? Is this news really making a person happy or making to wonder about the safety of a woman in the Country or questioning about the upbringing of a child?
Much to ponder about the safety of the eco system and the security of a person. Be it a girl or a boy. Every individual need to be educated on the rights they enjoy and must learn self defense mechanism. People are good but situation create the opportunity or situation is good but people create the opportunity. In either ways, people are smart enough to act according to their desires.
Desires rule the mind. It’s an individual act that disturbs the whole ecosystem. One act can ruin a person for his lifetime. Similarly, one act of kindness can create a world for someone. Again, it’s purely an individual choice. With the given scenario of Hyderabad case, the person could have chosen to help the girl in reaching the home safely or choose to molest for instant gratification. The result is known to all of us.
This incident really disturbed each one of us and wanted to do something about it. What is that best thing we can do for our children’s safety? The vital learning out of this case for each and everyone is to ensure parental check points, peer support, social mobility assurance, responsible for one another, spreading human values and valuing self respect.
Most importantly, never go alone in the night. Being in a group is always a morale support and learning to use the technology and presence of mind helps to act right on the situation. Key check points especially for a girl parents are educate them on martial arts, mobile app on Kavalan – SOS (TN Police), helpline number, neighbor contact and on with GPS tracker. Act immediately when there is a delay in the regular timing.
A Nation flourishes only when its women and children are safe and secure. Let’s pledge to create an environment for the safety of our girl child and act as a parent for any child who needs support and care.
Rape is a social problem and act upon it immediately!
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