A Book For Crime Thriller Lovers

An incredibly dramatic, intelligent and gripping start to a new book in the world of criminal activites. “The Perpetrators” written by Red Lotus @ R. Sadagopa Ramanujam, is a fabulous read to anybody who loves thriller and crime mysteries.
The story revolves around Amaramit, a leader of an assassin team and his interests of solving crimes for Cental Law Enforcing agencies in various countries and for the State Police Departments and his way of dealing notorious criminals who escape the Government laws. He is a mystery man whose past has a great influence on how he is today. What secrets will he reveal on is yet to be known. Being a total nail biting entertainer, this book is also a real treat for all investigative offers.
The man behind the book – R Sadagopa Ramanujam is a retired Chief Manager of a public sector bank with 35 plus years of experience within the Banking and financial industry. His entry into the literary world began in his teens,when he started working for an English Newspaper Agent. The job with the NP Agent was his first foray into understanding and learning the English language. He has always had a keen interest in story-telling right from a young age. From the famous 24, Game of Thrones to best of investigative movies and TV series from Hollywood Ramanujam’s inspiration list varies from crime movies and series.
“The Perpetrators” has two parts where the first part deals with the present happenings of Amaramit. The second part that is still in writing, deals with the past of the protagonist that gives you answers to his wealthiness and how he has achieved the present. The book is currently being sold at Odyssey in Brookfields mall. For those who wish to go for the eVersion, then, fret not, you can catch up at the Amazon, Flipkart, Notion Press and etc.
You can also avail exciting offers using the coupon code “NY2020!! Buy this book if you wish to treat your mystical mind !! The Author’s contact number is 9566126669.
—Grishma Raj

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