Full Lockdown from April 26 – 29


Lockdown hasn’t locked one’s innate talents as this turned out to be a blessing in disguise for both teachers and students.  While getting locked at homes, teachers took to online teaching methodology as it brought both the faculty members and students closer thru’ computer monitor. This online teaching is definitely a boon to students while parents too heave a sigh of relief that their wards aren’t whiling away their time. Moreover, there is proper use of the gadgets by the students.

Truly, this lockdown has increased the imagination level and creativity of student to exalted heights. Beyond the four walls, the students come out with innovative thoughts and ideas. Surprisingly, the tiny-tots too exhibit their skills by sketching a new and meaningful art while some show their music talents. Thinking in a different perspective, the students indeed are making use of the lockdown to go the extra mile.

While nation wide lockdown is in force till May 3 with a relaxation to resident between 6am to 1pm to purchase their daily needs, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has declared complete lockdown for five metros including Coimbatore from April 26 to 29. With the state government straining its nerves to combat COVID-19 spread thru’ effective steps, its for the people to cooperate by confining to homes during this full lockdown. A golden opportunity for both parents to  tap the hidden talents of their wards while teachers both at school and college level can use online teaching method with interaction with the students. This would definitely help the students to get their doubts cleared besides getting useful tips on enhancing their skills and knowledge.
Shifting focus from classroom teaching to online learning module, teachers can impart teaching by conducting webinars with the support of eminent technocrats drawn from different domains. While confining to homes at different places, the students get an opportunity to enrich their knowledge from wide range of resource persons sitting in different corners of the country. Infact, technology has paved the way for both teacher and taught to gain from it. To be precise, lockdown hasn’t locked one’s interests and talents. This evidently has led students to showcase their talents by taking part in discussions. And the day is not far off when students will have an opportunity to take their exams online even while sitting at their homes.

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