Fashion is ever evolving but never changing . If u notice keenly you would realise that what was in trend 20 years back will be on roll then with some innovative and slight interesting changes. Have u ever noticed your granny’s old black and white pictures in which she wore a kancheepuram sari with a dark velvet blouse which we call today’s trend or fashion. However the practice of wearing blouses evolved only after the rule of British period in India. People started enjoying our traditional six yard versatile drape – the sari with a perfect fitting garment like a second skin – the blouse. So this week I’m sharing some interesting information and tips on blouses.

What Is A Good Fitting Blouse?

Many people look for a perfect fitting blouse and some don’t know what a good fit is….so here are some tips to identify a good fitting blouse.

A perfect blouse should never make you feel uncomfortable or it shouldn’t be too tight that you are waiting to change soon. The neckline of a perfect fitting blouse remains the same even after wearing and buttoning it…..example the round neck should remain round and not turn in to a v-neck after you wear it.

The finishing has to be neat and it shouldn’t be pressing your bust instead it has to give it a perfect shape. Now a days the princess cut blouses are very popular with just one long stitch running through out the bust line which looks very neat but many people feel that they don’t fit well and they also feel that they’re not comfortable as the regular darted blouses. But they’re very good to suit every body type and fits very well especially for the disproportional body types. Though these blouses are worn like your second skin they’re as comfortable as a tee. Again it all depends on how well a curator knows to handle the fabric while making it. It has to have a straight piece of fabric in the front as well as a biased piece of fabric on to the sides which ensures a perfect bust shape. Know your body type before choosing a pattern for your blouse- knowing your shoulder, body and chest proportion plays an important role in getting a perfect fit for you.

How we compliment our sari with a striking blouse is an art by itself. The market is flooded with an enormous variety of fabrics to choose from. A comfortable breathing cotton is the best of all and they’re skin friendly too. But few hand woven silks are also as comfortable as cotton. Finally it depends on a person’s mindset to choose over comfort or style.

 Swaroopa Muthusivan

Founder And Creative Entrepreneur

Tamarai Design Studio


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