Saree, The Versatile Drape

We wish to see the sari in a new wave among urban women and women in general. In the past, wearing the sari differently has gathered momentum at different fashion units. Women want the sari to be relevant in an urban context. People should wear what they are comfortable in. Dressing up is about being yourself and expressing your style, and that’s what is fashion all about. Keeping up with the incessantly changing trends is fun and exciting but not at the cost of compromising on our comfort. This is what Tamarai brings and offers its effort in making Sari as comfortable and stylish as possible while keeping the style statement intact.

The sari has gone through its own iterations from centuries but what remains unchanged is that it still remains the purest form of ethnic wear. We have freedom fighters like Jhansi Rani fighting a war in a sari or Indira Gandhi as the most powerful lady in the sari – the uniqueness defines itself when it comes to India and sari. Earlier women would wear a sari only during special occasions, specially the urban clad but now women are ready to experiment little more and it is our endeavour to get this blend in place and provide a platform where women can customise the sari to meet their own taste and carry it off with confidence and style.

The new lifestyle needs sari to be looked from a different angle and how it can meet the ever changing lifestyle of today’s women. How women can hold to their roots and evolve as winners at International events or summits. We ponder upon why it has to be a western wear when it comes to any international event or conference? If the sari can meet the demands and delight people to wear them in their own tastes and comfort, why can’t the sari be a global phenomenon? Its time to create the difference.

Geetha Devarajan

For Tamarai Design Studio


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