Life Is Beautiful With Positive Thoughts

Life is beautiful and pleasant when we are surrounded by positive people. We feel more positive about a person and situation when both like each other. They spread happiness in and around us. Positivity improves the quality of life what we live. Life is challenging when we feel our thoughts and behaviors influenced by so called negative people and unfavorable situations. It makes us to feel low and depressed with self or other person when things didn’t happen the way we wanted it to be happened.
Perception makes a difference. Both options lie with an individual to choose to be good or bad in the demanding situations or with taxing persons. Normally, we say people are smart enough to get their ways out. Very true, at what cost! Is smartness meant to be taking away someone’s properties; it could be of any materialistic things or causing mental agony or utilizing someone’s adverse situations to their own benefits.
Negotiation is an art. People are smart enough to negotiate their need over other’s need. Has the negotiation rule been applied properly? It has to be always win:win situation for both persons. The perceived smart people think the game has to be win:lose and take it to their advantage. It doesn’t mean the other person has lost the deal. It does also mean that the other person is grateful enough to let you win the deal. He values a person more than money or benefits. But eventually you lost your virtues and a person for life.
Winning a deal is not a big deal. Winning a person is all about making things happen for you and others. People failed to realize smartness doesn’t reflect in handling the situations but managing people’s emotions. It’s about winning a person’s heart not about head.
Need to understand that are we negotiating for things which doesn’t hold a single rupee value after few hours or days or weeks or months or years or for a person. A person could be anyone who has supported you in tough times, showed a career path, life guidance and been there for you when you need them, who have lighted a spark in your thoughts, who has given their ears and morale support for life. Regrettably, negotiation happens very much in the known circle than unknown circle. We negotiate for petty things in a big way without realizing the person’s value and their contribution in our life.
Remember 5 thumb rules for negotiation: People first and benefits next, Focus on long-term relationship not on short-term benefits, Never take undue advantage of person’s adverse situations, Give more than expected and Be grateful for a person not for things.
Eventually, it’s always between people vs. material. Material is Materialistic and People are Priceless. The choice is yours. On a whole, we need to learn in life is how to love people and use things instead of using people and love things.
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