Lend A Hand To Sambathkumar In Tinkle Seva’s Tribal Welfare Project

It was during one of the sports tournament that Sambath Kumar was attracted towards TINKLE Seva which was actively involved in aiding the most deserving children and elderly alike in the city. Impressed by the work Tinkle carried out in the city to help the needy, Sambath Kumar without giving any second thought volunteered to take part in social activities. Little did he know that Tinkle would be one of the sole reasons that changed his life for good.
Sambathkumar after his SSLC was running a pani puri stall in the city. Determined by the encouraging words of the charity organisation, he went forward to complete his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Completed BE (Mech) from Bits Pilani over a special programme. Tinkle had transformed his life forever through mentoring, nurturing and giving back to society.
Sambathkumar could not find more solace than enrolling himself in the organisation to carry out their services to extend support more people like him and be a reason for their success in life. Today, Sambathkumar is a senior engineer in a reputed company and is also a Trustee in BNM-TSK Trust. “Tinkle impressed me with their works when I was very young, now with their help, I am in a respectable position. I want to extend the gratitude by taking part in their service and help spread the positivity through education for children, youth and support for the elderly”.
Currently, Sambathkumar is involved in one of the important projects by Tinkle. Tinkle has adopted the Anaikatti village in the outskirts of the city which is engaged in offering better lifestyle to tribals. Recent studies revealed that young tribal children were effected by malnutrition and hence Tinkle Sevaa has initiated the project of providing millet biscuits, seasonal fruits, dates and nuts (either one daily) with high nutritional value to tribal children in the village to improve their health index for 100 days. The impact was incremental.
TINKLE Sevaa provides ortho oil to 100 elderly who majorly suffered from knee / joint pains on monthly basis. TINKLE Sevaa’s main focus currently is the building tribal school and skill centre for empowering tribal children youth and physically challenged..
The school is being sponsored by crowd sourced funds, Round table CMRT 62 Ladies circle CMLC 23 and various like minded donors.
Volunteers like Sambathkumar are putting up their heart and soul into this project to make it a success among the tribal community in Anaikatti. If you are interested to support our building project and join TINKLE Sevaa in bringing smiles to children and youth. Reach – 888 3333 113. Fb : tinklesevaa
—Surya Harish

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