No Pain, No Gain: Treat Pain As A Pleasure

The pleasure of pain has hardly been experienced by many of us. We see pain as a big thing which happened to us for no mistakes of mine, I have been punished for someone’s else problem, what did I do to undergo such failures or trauma in life and why this happened to my family members. Wondering, why such questions haunt us. Is there any rule that we should only experience so called good moments or incidents in life.
If you reiterate, those good and bad moments have been defined by us. We see having chat with a friend as pleasure and discussion as pain. In a netural tone, it’s a conversation with a friend, whether it’s a chat or discussion. Its how we perceive things. If you have read achiever’s story or heard speech, there is one thing common in their life. That’s PAIN. They have learnt to accept and deal with it.
Pain changes people. Be it physiological or psychological. We are willing to accept physiological pain and live with it. When comes to psychological pain, we are reluctant as we feel like it’s a big crime to have disturbed mind. Because our mind is been trained to reject, mourn or grief about the pain. We haven’t been taught to go through the pain, enjoy the pain, learn from the pain and get familiar with the pain. The psychological fact says, emotional pain lasts for 12 minutes, anything longer than that is self – inflicted. It’s a right time to take care of your mind.
As our sensory mind understands that we are experiencing unpleasant moments and emotional agitation, which disturbs our peace of mind. The fact we failed to realize that it’s a process one has to undergo at some point in life. Because pain teaches us to develop our coping skills, makes us more strong, accept things that are unreasonable, expect nothing, build relationship and value each other’s life. We need to educate our mind that experiencing pain transform us psychologically. Such a change in learning, will make a big difference in understanding and experiencing life.
Remember, nothing lasts forever. Either its pain or pleasure. Its just in our head. If we learn to welcome pleasant and unpleasant moments with a smile then we completely know how to enjoy our life. Its essential to feel the pain to seek happiness in life. As life is completely a pleasant note for those who wanted to live at its best. It unviels each moment with surprises, lot of learnings and opportunities, open new avenues to explore and experience life.
Pain is the best teacher. It comes with a purpose to bring change in our life. Be receptive, accept gracefully and evolve to see the new person in you.
Chellam Narendiran
Srijan Counselling Services
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