Q & A On The Magic of Prana Healing

Let’s take look at how Prana Violet Healing Works. Healing is done with the Prana Healing Wand (PHW). This Wand is used to transmit prana to the area of the energy body that needs healing. Subsequently the physical body receiving this Prana would start heals and rejuvenate.
And Prana Healing Wand (PHW) is a divine cosmic geometry that generates Prana, Chi or Life force; it is shaped in a wand fashion so that it can be easily used. Energy from this Cosmic Geometry flows to recondition and heal the energy body.
The PHW looks like a cocktail stirrer and is it made from plastic?
Yes, it does look like a cocktail stirrer and it’s made from plastic, this is the best shape so that aura sensing and aura healing can be done easily. It can also be carried around easily. The PHW has two parts one end for sensing the subtle bodies and the other part to transmit Prana Energy that can heal and energize.
Where is the origin of the Prana Healing Wand (PHW)?
The origin of the PHW is after 35 full moon meditation at the Candi’s of Jogjakarta, Indonesia, The PHW is from the ancient Borobudur monument in Magelang, Jawa Indonesia. Borobudur was one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. The PHW has been blessed and programmed by the Devaraja and the cosmic being of Borobudur.
Does the PHW need to be cleaned for clearing of any negative energy?
The PHW does not need any cleaning or cleansing of any kind, if needed only cleaning with a moist cloth if needed. The PHW emits Prana continuously.
Does the PHW gets contaminated with the disease energy?
The PHW would not get contaminated by disease energy as it continuously emits Prana energy that keeps it clean.
Does the PHW need to be charged and does it have a lifetime?
The PHW does not need to be charged, it has been charged and no recharging is required. There is no lifetime and the life time would be age of the PHW material only. The energy coming out of it has infinite life.
How do you use the PHW to perform the healing?
There are four simple techniques that need to be followed to perform the healing using the PHW. Aura Cleaning, Ida-Pinggala Balancing, Chakra conditioning and healing at the required area. All this are taught.
Is the PHW healing based on any religion?
No, this is not based on any religion, the PHW is used to heal the subtle energy body. Everyone from any religion or race can learn and start healing with the PHW.
Are there any Gurus or Master?
No, there are no gurus, the Supreme God and the Supreme Intelligence is the only guru. We use only the Devaraja and the Cosmic Beings of Borobudur for our healing.
Do we have to recite any mantra during the Prana Violet Healing Session?
No, no mantras are required only the intention that one wants to heal and the intention that one wants to get heal is sufficient. For more info ring 8903458098.

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