Say ‘No’ To Talisman And Tying String As It Gives Negative Energy

What About Talisman and String?
Wearing talisman and tying string will bring negative energy. You will be tied to that place where the string originated. There will be a link to that place and that negative energy will control you and control your energy body. We have warned many, not to wear such things as you will be connected to many souls from that place. We feel sad to say that many people think that there is god in these places. In the future we will not heal people who wear talisman and tie string on your hands or any part of your body.
What is the effect of wearing crystals and gem stones ?
Stones can carry lots of negative energy and even have souls attached to it. The wand detect negative and positive and even souls in the crystal. The wand can clean and programme the crystals. Now you want to buy crystals because they are powerful and bring Peace, love, keep you home clean and keep negative energy away. Now if that what you think crystal do. Please return the wand back to us. We are not discussing on crystal anymore. Call us @ 8903458098.

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