Prana Violet Healing Sheds Light On Curing Alzheimer’s

For Alzheimer’s, can it be cured?
Answer: For Alzheimer you start all the usual healing, aura cleansing, ida pinggala and check and find and removing cords. Once there is no more cords do the chakra conditioning. Then check for body acidity and emotional issue in the emotional body. Once all this is gone, check for vitamin and mineral deficiency. The cause of this is in the brain area, so check all the four section of the brain area then make the patient do the balance breathing for 2 mins for every 3 to 4 hours and then normal breathing after that. Next consume table spoon virgin coconut oil 2x a day and no acidic food. Then check on the progress.
It will take some time to regenerate all the nerves in the brain and you will see improvements. There should be a change in the diet this is very important.
What happens after death, does our souls get elevated?
We are body, mind and soul. The body can be deceased in many ways. Natural as we grow old out cells do not rejuvenate and our body will eventually die. Usually in cases when death happens naturally when we are above 90 year. At this time the mind may not hold any emotional issues and the soul would elevated back to the causal body easily. Usually at this age the mind would have released many of the unwanted emotions. Elevating back to the causal body would be natural. The time for this to happen may be immediately or according to the ritual that the mind has accepted. Every religion has its own custom and ritual and the soul may follow.
Unnaturally death like accident, abortion, sickness, suicide, mental patient who die, war, murder etc the souls mind is still holding the emotions and soul cannot get free. These souls are still earth bound. Some will be where they want to be and do want that want to do and some don’t want to go back to the causal body. When we visit the pubs these soul run away. When we go to temple these so come to us to be elevated.
In funerals we ask pvh people who go there to show the Forgiveness Affirmations and Spiritual Affirmations and sometimes the soul can get elevated. You can also do that. But not all soul want to go and if you try to elevate then they can get angry and disturb you and if you are weak you will be easily affected. You would not know what type of soul you are dealing with. Let’s say to go to an ancient castle like Arambra in Spain or any old castle there may be many soul who are very angry and wants revenge, you can get affected. That is why we tell PVH members not get involve with the inner world as there may be very dark energy. When we elevate soul we send them back to the causal body where the souls need to go. There they Will wait for their next reincarnation according to their soul plan for balancing their karma. There are many people elevating soul. Some of these soul can get stuck to the healer astral and Mental body. Will be slowly affected so you need to be careful. We have seen many healer suffering after many year of healing, they may be imagining the white light, and talking to souls. Just be careful. Contact us at:; 8903458098.

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